Leeson House Field Studies Centre


"We had a wonderful time. Pastoral and educational needs were all met, tutor was inspirational" Dorset Primary School May 2017

"Resources provided for each day / task were excellent, informative and plenty for pupils to complete and understand. The teaching was great with excellent subject knowledge, knowledge of area and understanding of the specification. Absolutely brilliant"
London Secondary School May 2017

"Really helpful being able to take nervous pupils to do a pre-visit, thank you"
Dorset Primary School April 2017

"Service with a smile from the very kind and hard working catering team"
Wiltshire College May 2017

"Leeson House staff are always so thorough in responding to children's needs, all food was delicious and plentiful, as always!"
London Primary School March 2017

"Communication was excellent, swift responses to all emails"
London Secondary School March 2017

"Tuition at Leeson House continues to be first class. With the new A Level specifications to resource and plan fieldwork for, this will have been a huge undertaking for the team. As always early communication, planning and collaboration was crucial to developing an excellent programme"
London College March 2017

"Very responsive to our needs and deadlines and reminders make sure that everything keeps on track"
Dorset Primary School March 2017

"We were able to complete two required practicals for A Level Biology and students had really high quality teaching of specific aspects of the course. They felt far more knowledgeable by the end of the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the trip"
Bristol Secondary School March 2017

"Night walk was great for dealing with fear of the dark in a gentle way, we all learnt masses from the brilliant staff during all the activities"
Dorset Primary School March 2017

"Thank you so much for such a fantastic educational and enjoyable trip for everyone involved"
Dorset Primary School February 2017

"Thank you for providing enough boots and coast for our boys who didn't have them"
Berkshire Prep School January 2017

"despite the very wet weather this was an ideal opportunity to begin considering independent projects for the A Level geography NEA"
Dorset Secondary School November 2016

"feedback from the parents was very positive - their children had clearly had a wonderful time"
Dorset Primary School November 2016

"staff all very responsive to our technical, travel and dietary needs for our MSc course"
Reading University October 2016

"tuition, location, staff, food all fantastic"
Oxfordshire Secondary School September 2016

"it was good for the students to see moth trapping, bird ringing and longworth traps in use during their A Level Biology trip"
Hampshire Sixth Form College September 2016

"our GCSE Geography students really loved making coastlines in the classrooms with clay and sand, the detailed introduction to geology and use of technology such as aerial photos and apps on the students phones"
London Secondary School July 2016

" we appreciated the huge effort put in by Leeson House staff to change activities for the new specification. Data collected will serve as an excellent starting point for writing up PAG's by our students over the summer"
Hertfordshire Secondary School June 2016

"the children said it was the best school trip they had been on with a good balance between the learning activities and fun"
Hampshire Secondary School May 2016

"Staff were very flexible and nothing was too much trouble. Level of instructor's is always very high."
Dorset Primary School April 2016

"The tutor was exceptional - enthusiastic, organised and knowledgeable. The kitchen staff are amazing and really friendly!"
London Secondary School March 2016

"There are great facilities and resources to enhance the pupil's learning."
Dorset Primary School March 2016

"The tutors were amazing and our students have such a valuable experience both in preparation for their exam and personally."
London Secondary School February 2016

"Tutors were really knowledgeable and related well to the children. The pitch of sessions were engaging and age appropriate."
Dorset Primary School January 2016

"We were really pleased with the activities we had. The children learnt so much!"
Dorset Primary School December 2015

"The course leaders depth of knowledge about local history, geology and habitats was outstanding. We were particularly impressed by the taught session on Sand Dune formation and longshore drift - the children were completely engaged by this and the resources and activities supported the learning."
Dorset Primary School November 2015

"Fantastic consideration for our pupil who is disabled, the staff made an effort to ensure he was included and to check on his well-being. All activities were inclusive and enjoyed by our children."
Dorset Primary School September 2015

"A fantastic opportunity to tackle coursework content, instruction was excellent, students clearly enjoyed the experience."
Dorset Secondary School October 2015

"The course tutors were fantastic, friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and great with the children."
Dorset Primary School September 2015

"An inspiring landscape as the basis for the fieldwork, excellent tuition was planned with our needs in mind, well planned fieldwork that produced high quality data, use of digital resources and technology with the students."
London Secondary School September 2015

"The tutors were very knowledgable and delivered clear and informative sessions to our students which matched our expectations and the needs of the course."
London Secondary School July 2015

"Excellent venue - as always. The children always get so much out of the time, both on and off site."
Dorset Primary School July 2015

"Amazing talented staff. Brilliant residential. The centre is so well resourced to support schools."
Dorset Primary School June 2015

"We had a super time. The tutor was lovely and coped well with the pupils diverse needs. Thank you for a wonderful visit"
Dorset Special Needs School June 2015

"This was an excellent experience for our students and they were inspired as well as learning what was required"
Hampshire Private School June 2015

"The centre accommodated childrens needs, even changes at the very last minute. Well organised and fun, a fantastic experience for all"
Dorset Primary School June 2015

"We had a pre-visit with one pupil and parent and the centre staff were very kind and reassuring, the children thoroughly enjoyed their stay"
Dorset Primary School June 2015

"A very successful first visit, we are very keen to return next year"
Somerset Primary School May 2015

"Every child has benefitted from this experience and it is excellent value for money"
Dorset Primary School May 2015

"Staff were always available to answer questions, we felt safe at all times"
Dorset Primary School May 2015

"The tutors were the best we have ever had, adaptable and absolutely wonderful with our children - please can we have them again next year?!"
Dorset Primary School April 2015

"Beautiful setting, quality tutors, the sense of responsibility it gave the pupils, the follow-up work generated from the experience"
Poole Primary School April 2015

"All our learning objectives were met in a fun, interesting and enjoyable way"
Dorset Primary April 2015

" The best aspects of the course were Boscombe and Lyme Regis as great case studies the quality of teaching and interaction with the tutors"
London Private School March 2015

"This was the first time that we used Leeson House staff, it made a nice change and consolidated the boys understanding, the tutor was excellent and developed a good rapport with our students"
London Private School March 2015

"Another well resourced and well prepared trip, good fun, great food, friendly staff"
Dorset Primary February 2015

"Even with a small group of very quiet students our course tutor was excellent in getting them to contribute their ideas"
Derbyshire Secondary Fenruary 2015

"The accommodation is well kept and really comfortable helping to ensure our young children were very happy staying away from home for the first time"
Dorset Primary February 2015

"Again a thoroughly enjoyable course, extremely valuable trip that will contribute greatly to exam success"
Kent Secondary February 2015

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