Leeson House Field Studies Centre

Key Stages 2 & 3 - Maps, Compasses & Team-Building



Learn how to 'orientate' your map and use it to find all the markers around the grounds before your classmates do! We have 3 permanent courses of varying difficulty, plus several temporary courses that can be set out especially for your visit.

Compass Skills

Find out the difference between the magnetic needle and the direction of travel arrow, then learn to walk on a bearing and test your new skills on the Games Field Compass Course.

Off-site Orienteering

If you've mastered using a compass and conquered the orienteering in the grounds, then this is the next challenge. Working in teams, can you navigate your way around the nearby fields answering questions along the way?

Team-Building Games

Whether tackling 'The Dragon's Egg' or the 'Raging River', our Team-Building Games should help your class to bond and work together. While attmpting this range of physical and mental challenges, children will be encouraged to share ideas, listen to others, plan and review, and learn about the different roles within a successful team.
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