Leeson House Field Studies Centre


Orienteering Challenge

This is an opportunity for schools to assess their students ability to read a map, follow instructions and use a compass and GPS device.
These activities can be tailor made to meet the requirements of each syllabus and school.

A typical timetable might start with team games followed by on-site compass skills.
Teams are then sent off with compasses and maps to complete the off-site orienteering challenge in the fields surrounding Leeson House. This is timed and is often very competitive!

After a well earned break, teams can then practise using a GPS to find hidden caches of sweets in the countryside around Leeson.

During the evening, teams are dropped off my minibus to various locations in the Isle of Purbeck and using the skills learnt throughout the day, they make their way back to Leeson House. Again, this is competitive with prizes on offer!

Night Navigation

Can teams find their way back to Leeson House?!
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