Leeson House Field Studies Centre

EYFS & Key Stage 1

Day Visits for Foundation and Key Stage 1

All our courses are designed alongside the teachers in order to ensure the time spent at Leeson House is as valuable as possible and tailored to the needs of your class and topic.

Teddy Bears Picnic

The Teddy Bears Picnic programme is based on the principles of Earth Education and focuses on environmental education for reception and Key Stage 1 classes.
During your day visit to Leeson House, the children will take part in a sequence of activities which will help them learn the requirements for life of Teddy Bears - and also all other living creatures.

A picnic lunch shared with all the Teddies.

After the picnic the pupils will listen to a story which ties together all the themes explored in the morning session. The day concludes with the pupils working in groups to create miniature "desert islands" for their Teddies, complete with all the requirements for life.

Other Popular KS1 Day Visits

Bear Hunt!
This is inspired by the popular book and involves an adventure off site. It follows on from Teddy Bears Picnic, but also suitable for children who have not visited before. Lots of encouragement to use describing words.

Sensory Activities

Learn to use all of the senses through games such as 'Scratch and Sniff' and the 'Unnature Trail'.

Environmental Art

Take ideas from Andy Goldsworthy to make outdoor art pictures and sculptures!

Picture Mapping

Help us map the big field and find our way around the grounds of Leeson House!

Marine Collage

Get messy and probably a bit wet with this fun and 'hands on' artistic day!

Minibeast Olympics

Which is the fastest minibeast? Which one can jump the furthest? Children can explore the wonderful world of minibeasts and learn about their special adaptations.

Aquatic Art

Have a pond dip and explore what lies beneath the surface. Paint and create your own pond creatures with their own unique adaptations!
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